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Ikaria Superfoods

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Nico Avramidis

The olives for AVRAMIDIS olive oil do not grow in huge olive tree plantations. The olive oil is produced here primarily for the personal use of the Icarians (residents of Ikaria), who demonstrably live longer than average and are healthy through the consumption of the rich olive oil. The oil that we or our neighbors do not need for our own kitchen is available in our online shop and recently also in some delicatessens.

Olive oil from Koroneiki olives, probably the highest quality olive oil in the world!

Our Avramidis olive oil is made exclusively from Koroneiki olives. Koroneiki olive oil is one of the best olive oils in the world, both in terms of taste and composition. The Koroneiki olive is characterized by a very high content of the valuable unsaturated fatty acid "oleic acid" (also called oleic acid). It is one of the most important monounsaturated fatty acids, through which, among other things, blood pressure and cholesterol levels (LDL) can be reduced. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, are precursors of hormones or support cell division.


Olive oil from Koroneiki olives also contains a particularly large amount of polyphenols (antioxidants) and is therefore particularly health-promoting and has a long shelf life. The oil has an aromatic scent and has a fruity, slightly nutty aroma.


Avramidi's 100 years olive oil is anything but a mass product.


We offer you a purely natural product in a limited edition. We only produce a limited amount of olive oil, working only with what nature and our small farms provide. Authenticity is very important to us. And for this reason our customers know that in this case they will have to wait until the completion of the new harvest, at the end of February, which, as we have learned, also fuels anticipation.


Pure, clean nature, far away from civilisation


Nature is still completely original here. Ikaria is far from the mainland. There is no industry or factories here. This is the air in our oliveentrees grow wonderfully fresh and clean. The water used to drench the trees comes from a variety of clear springs that spring from the mountains throughout the island.


Fair payment for wonderful work is important to us!


And last but not least, it is important to us to pay fairly to the people who put all their work and love into the manufacture of such a valuable product. Many olive growers elsewhere are paid starvation wages for extremely physically demanding work in order to keep olive oil prices down and maximize profits.


But it is important to us to pay people fairly. Because we are firmly convinced that the special love and care with which our olive oil is produced is also a result of an appreciative payment and is reflected in the wonderful quality of the Avramidis olive oil 100 years.

Questions we are frequently asked

Can I heat the olive oil? Olive oil can be heated up to 180°. It should be used for gentle roasting and deep-frying. If you heat it above 180°, the decomposition processes begin that destroy the valuable ingredients. If this heat point is exceeded, you may notice an unpleasant, burnt smell and smoke. Toxic, carcinogenic substances can develop.

What happens when olive oil flakes? Olive oil is not spoiled if it becomes flaky. Every healthy olive oil flakes at low temperatures of around 6-10° C. The reason is the high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. When it warms up, the olive oil becomes liquid again without any loss of quality or taste. It can also become flaky if shipped on cooler days or if the olive oil is left on a cold floor.

How long does olive oil last? If high quality olive oils are stored properly (dark, cool and dry), they can easily last up to 24 months. However, if stored incorrectly, olive oil can quickly go rancid. You can tell by the smell.

What is the fatty acid content? The fatty acid content is a value set throughout Europe. You can tell the quality of the olive oil by the acidity. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality class. The fatty acid content of 0.8% must not be exceeded for this quality class. Avramidis® Olive Oil 100 years has a fatty acid content of between 0.1 and 0.5%, depending on the harvest year.

Is unfiltered olive oil better? Unfiltered olive oil contains significantly more healthy ingredients than filtered oil. That's why we decided to filter Avramidis® Olive Oil 100 years only through a metal sieve, which only filters out the coarse fruit parts. Otherwise it would spoil within a few weeks. The remaining cloudiness is similar to the pulp in a natural fruit juice. They are nothing negative; on the contrary, they contain a high level of healthy fats and antioxidants. The characteristic taste of the olive oil is also retained.

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