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The effect of mountain tea

Today, the results of numerous researches provide the scientific basis for the effect on many so-called civilization diseases. The promising results of the Alzheimer's researcher Prof. Dr. dr Jens Pahnke.

The ingredients of the mountain tea strengthen the immune system and can help with the following symptoms, among others :

  • Gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis: the tea soothes the digestive tract and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also supports the natural metabolic processes.

  • Colds: In addition to the antibacterial properties, the mountain tea also has an expectorant effect and can help you with coughs and colds.

  • Wounds: The tea can also be used externally for wounds. Simply clean your wound with a clean cloth and some Greek mountain tea. It has an antibacterial effect and also supports wound healing.

  • Osteoporosis: Greek mountain tea promotes the formation of osteoblasts. Therefore, the tea is used to prevent and alleviate osteoporosis (study).

  • Depression: Greek mountain tea can have a mood-enhancing effect by ensuring that the neurotransmitter serotonin stays in the brain longer (study).

  • Alzheimer's and other dementias: Studies on mice have shown that daily use of Greek mountain tea has a positive effect on memory and reduces the accumulation of waste products in the brain.

  • ADHD: Greek mountain tea ensures that the messenger substance dopamine, which is responsible for attention, among other things, stays in the blood longer. In this way he can support those affected in a natural way (study).

  • High blood pressure: The components of sideritis dilate the blood vessels and can thus help to lower blood pressure (study).

Of course, enjoying mountain tea does not replace medication or a visit to the doctor.

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