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Wine from the mountains of Ikaria

Immerse yourself in the myth that the god of wine was born on the magical island of Ikaria.

From the Tsantiris family factory in the north of the island of Ikaria, we offer you hand-picked wines of the highest quality, the production of which is a long and careful process. In keeping with the ancient tradition, the wine is stored in barrels - a connection to the past that is evident in every drop.

Our wines are unfiltered and absolutely pure, without chemical additives. You can rely on us to provide you with only the best of nature. If you enjoy our Icarian wine with a Mediterranean dish, you will not only increase the enjoyment, but also the absorption of valuable antioxidants. In addition, our wines are rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and iron, which are good for your body.

Climate neutral2.png


Co2 neutral

Sustainable 2.png

From sustainable cultivation


Without additives

Direct from the manufacturer


Naturally organic


The quality of our grapes and the island's unique microclimate mean that our wine can almost be described as an elixir of health. Here on Ikaria, where health and longevity are a tradition, the benefits of our wines combine with the power of the surrounding nature.

Discover Icarian wine and be enchanted by its unique history, incomparable taste and health benefits.

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