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Giving - our social commitment

We love living in the company of the Icarians, who are committed to giving back to each other as much as possible. And it is important to us to preserve and protect the spirit of the community.


Our wonderful partners, passionate and committed farmers have many years of experience. Everything is prepared by hand and with love.


We support the cultivation of original (endemic) species and a conscious approach to nature. We only produce a limited amount of olive oil and only work with what nature in our own garden and the small farms in our neighborhood offer us.


It is important to us to pay fairly to the people who put all their work and love into the manufacture of such a valuable product. Because we are firmly convinced that the special love and care with which our olive oil is produced is also a result of an appreciative payment and is reflected in the wonderful quality of the Avramidis olive oil 100 years.


We are also committed to raising awareness and donating a portion of our profits to important causes such as buying heating oil for the primary school in Christos Raches.

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