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Recipe for oak bark tincture with AVRAMIDIS olive oil to care for the skin in neurodermatitis


by Nina Avramidis

We have had very good experiences with this recipe with our two boys, who suffered severely from neurodermatitis. That's why I want to share it here.

Take a 3-5 liter saucepan and fill it with pieces of oak bark so that there is only about three finger widths left to the edge. The oak bark should be covered with water. Now let the oak bark boil in the water for 45 minutes.

After boiling, the broth is poured through a sieve and added to the bath water. Depending on the severity of the rash, the concentration of oak bark brew can be increased (ie less bath water and more oak bark brew). In addition, you add about 250 ml of olive oil (I have had the best experiences with Avramidi's olive oil 100 years) to the bath water.



The bathing time in the oak bark olive oil bath is about 30 minutes. Don't be alarmed! When you get out of the bath, your whole body, and especially the affected areas, may be very red. It doesn't hurt and goes away after a few minutes. Please do not rub with the towel when drying, just dab!


If necessary, you can massage the skin a little with the olive oil.



I used the oak bark olive oil bath every other day.

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