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Hello everyone!

We are Anna and Niko Avramidis.A small company with a big dream.With a lot of love and passion we devote ourselves to the cultivation and collection of truly original food from the mountains of the small Greek island of Ikaria.

Our goal is to bring these treasures into the world. Why are we doing this? Because we feel enthusiastic day after day how the Icarian way of life and its healthy delicacies enrich our lives and have changed them for the better.


To show you how we came to be able to discover the treasures of the island with AVRAMIDIS® want to bring into your life, we will take you with us on a little journey into our company history.

Anna & Niko Avramidis

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It all started with the
love of nature

Growing up about 2500km apart from each other, we were very fortunate to be able to live in and with nature during our childhood, in the 1970s - Niko in a village in northern Greece and I, Anna, near a lake in West Germany.

Even in difficult times we were able to immerse ourselves in the healing and invigorating energy of the forests, rivers, meadows and much more.

In all the years of our adult life, it has been our dream to find a place that is as original as our childhood.


Our little island farm


The Departure

The fast pace of life and the pressure to perform in Germany got to me, Anna, so much that in 2015 I got sick more and more often and was on the verge of burnout. Exactly at that time we discovered Ikaria - or did Ikaria discover us? When we first set foot on the small island, we both knew this was where we belonged. From a logical understanding it was actually hardly possible. We could have had it much easier logistically on the mainland of Greece. Because there is not even a direct flight to Ikaria.

We just fell in love with the energy, the scents and the wild originality of the island. And that has remained the case to this day.



The birth of AVRAMIDIS®

After just six months, our little family was doing better. Leander, our then eight-year-old son, Niko and I found peace and there has been no sign of my various illnesses since then.

There are no big supermarkets or shops on Ikaria. We plant most of the food ourselves and since then we have mainly lived on what the Icarian nature gives us.

Three years after our arrival on Ikaria, we decided to share our positive experiences with the Ikarian foods and the simple and relaxed life of the people with the world and founded

AVRAMIDIS® - Greece's originality.

We are very pleased that our two adult sons and their wives are now actively involved in our company.


Be part of the journey

Because eating and living like the Icarians is not a trend. It is a return to normality.

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