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With the Ikarian Life Box "The Scents of Ikaria", we invite you to immerse yourself in the energetic, relaxing scents of this special island. The aromatic wild oregano, wild mountain tea with its special properties, the wonderfully nourishing natural soap with goat's milk and geranium, our latest creation "Lavender kisses Olive" and our valuable Avramidis olive oil ® 100years give your life the pure pleasure of longevity.

All Ikarian Life Sets are lovingly packed in a gift box.

Ikarian Life Box "Scents of Ikaria"

SKU: 0792649368206
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  • Ikarian Life Set "Scents of Ikaria"

    • Avramidis® olive oil 100 years bottle, 250ml
    • Wild mountain tea, 35g
    • Lavender kisses Olive, 200ml
    • Leander's Wild Oregano, 20g
    • Natural soap "Goat's milk - geranium", 90g
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