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AVRAMIDIS® blossom honey - A taste experience from the untouched nature of Ikaria

Immerse yourself in the incomparable world of AVRAMIDIS blossom honey, directly from the enchanting Greek island of Ikaria. Away from the hectic civilization, in the midst of an untouched and wild landscape, our bees collect the valuable nectar of the diverse Icarian flora.

Ikaria, known for its powerful nature and the extraordinary longevity of its inhabitants, gives you a honey that is as pure and authentic as the island itself. For centuries we have preserved the traditional honey production to ensure the natural quality of our blossom honey.

Our AVRAMIDIS® blossom honey is never cooked or heated to high temperatures. From the honeycomb to your table, it remains in its pure, unadulterated form. This not only preserves the authentic taste, but also the valuable nutrients and bioactive substances that make this honey so special.

Experience the pure essence of Ikaria with every spoonful of AVRAMIDIS® blossom honey. Let yourself be enchanted by the mild, floral aroma and delicate sweetness and feel the power of untouched nature in every drop.

AVRAMIDIS® blossom honey - A gift from nature, carefully preserved for you.

NEW! AVRAMIDIS® blossom honey, 500g glass

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