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olive oil cosmetics

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Pure care and beauty with AVRAMIDIS® olive oil

Again and again we hear from you and experience it ourselves how pleasant the effect of our olive oil is on the skin. That is why we are all the more pleased that we were able to enter into a loving cooperation with Irini Stathojianni, from the small natural cosmetics manufacturer Synémpe here on Ikaria. Using our rich and pure AVRAMIDIS® olive oil, she makes soaps, balm oils and lip balms made exclusively from plants that grow in the wild nature here on Ikaria.

A pure pleasure for the skin and all senses!

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Co2 neutral

No animal testing 2.png


animal testing


Without additives

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From sustainable cultivation





Naturally organic

Direct from the manufacturer

Natural soaps with olive oil

Lip Balm & Balm Oils

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