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The secret of longevity

A natural daily routine, a balanced diet, the use of herbal teas, friendship with family and friends, regular walks and working in the garden are important keys to a long, healthy and happy life. Find out more about this secret!

In recent years, the Icarian diet and lifestyle has become famous for its health benefits. According to a report from the University of Athens Faculty of Medicine, almost the entire population of Ikaria is free of chronic diseases and dementia, with sexual activity into the late 80's. A study by the University of Athens was also published in this regard, which states that the Icarian olive oil works better than Viagra. Experts examined 670 men with an average age of 67 from the island of Ikaria. They found that consuming nine tablespoons of oil per week, along with plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish and beans, reduced the risk of erectile dysfunction by 40 percent.


Eating and living like the Icarians is not a trend.
It's the return to normal.

Various aspects contribute to longevity


The natural daily routine, adapted to the rhythms of nature, drinking herbal teas, meeting friends and family, going for walks and working in the gardens, all had a positive influence.


The diet of the Icarians is local, seasonal and natural. Icarian specialties include:Honey,  "Horta" is the name given to a selection of wild herbs picked from the hills and made into salads, boiled and preserved with olive oil and lemon or in wine vinegar. "Manites", a local variation of mushrooms. Goat meat, a must for local festivals.

Chorta Avramidis.png

Ikaria - criteria for a long, healthy and happy life


Many Icarians also make their own wine and drink a glass every day. According to various studies, Icarian wine contains six times more polyphenols (antioxidants) than conventional wine.


The delicious food, the relaxed life and a great zest for life not only result in amazing health benefits, but also in an above-average lifespan.


In the case of Ikaria, it is particularly interesting because the Icarians never intended to consciously prolong their lives through exercise or dieting. Longevity is just a by-product of their way of life and their composure in dealing with themselves and the world.

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