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Leanders Wild Oregano & Teas from the mountains of Icaria

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Co2 neutral

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From sustainable cultivation


Without additives

Direct from the manufacturer


Naturally organic

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For your


For your





Oregano and tea from
hand collected

We pick our herbs and collect our teas straight from the lush green slopes of the Aegean island of Ikaria. This area is one of five regions on the planet where people live to incredibly old ages while staying healthy. According to various researches by Dan Buettner, the medicinal plants on the island are also responsible for this.

So, what are you waiting for? Try our tea now!

Image by Lucio Patone

Why we do what we do

Although we grew up in completely different places on earth - Niko in Greece and I, Anna, in Germany - one thing has always connected us, the love of nature. Even as children we roamed through the woods. The scents, aromas and the holistic sensuality of nature accompany us to this day. In the small town atmosphere in which we lived for many years for professional reasons, we missed this so much that we set off to find "our" paradise.

We had the dream of a place where nature can still thrive as it did hundreds of years ago and finally found it in 2015 after a 30-year search. Since then we have lived on the small island of Ikaria in the North Aegean, which is far away from civilizational influences.

Now it is our passion, the joy of life and

original power of this place, with ours

products into the world.

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Anna & Niko Avramidis

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